Lift Station Maintenance & Repair
We provide monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual, and annual maintenance. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps to prevent lift station failure. Maintenance helps to prevent corrosion, pump failure, and sewage overflow. Our company provides in house pump repair, electrical maintenance, and all other aspects of lift station care.

Complete Lift Station Rehabilitation
It is important to be able to rely on a properly operating sanitary distribution system. We provide lift station rehabilitation to prevent the risk of overflow and spillage. We can rehabilitate lift station piping, pumps, and the structural components to bring your system back to working order.

Sewage Spill Clean-Up
A sewage spill can be extremely upsetting and costly. Sewage is any waste water or materials that are disposed of through the sewer system. Handling this situation on your own can be very hazardous, as it contains human waste and toxic fumes. It is important to remove anything the waste has come in contact with. We provide this cleanup for you so you don’t have to worry.

Line Jetting
This service cleans the drain lines leading up to your lift station toward the main sewer lines. Line jetting preserves the life of your pipes while eliminating potential problems and possible down time.

Camera/Video Pipe Inspections
Here at Star our professionals prefer to use high quality video cameras to locate and diagnose pipe conditions for repair or maintenance. Customers are provided with detailed recordings and a copy of video.

Vacuum Services
It is common for solid materials, sand, and dirt to enter the lift station and collect on the bottom. It is possible that this debris can get sucked up into the pumps and cause damage or clog them up. It is important to periodically vacuum the debris out of the lift station and dispose of it. This will also provide a longer life cycle for the pumps and the lift station.

Hurricane Coverage
Our state of the art generators, bypass pumps, and our knowledgeable technicians will make sure your lift station never stops providing you with service. Let us take the worry off your hands.

Monthly Lift Station Service
Our monthly service includes a complete system check on all internal components, clean, and test floats.